09.05.2019 – 22.06.2019

For her new solo exhibition, Katleen Vinck has conducted research into extreme capsule architecture, monolithic concrete architecture and their relationship with the natural monolith. The sculptures unite origin and future. They form a combination of the most primitive form of architecture and science fiction.

From a bird's-eye perspective, the viewer can experience her sculptures as a derivative of capsule architecture. Where it is usually approached from within, Vinck carries the viewer's point of view from above. As a result, the negative space and the potential environment become her point of interest. Smooth and reflective surfaces are placed next to robust and solid materials such as concrete and ceramics. They also serve as a base or background and fulfill their role in doubling the elements, with a touch of Space-Age.

For the first time, she uses ceramics in her work as well as concrete. Clay fascinates her because it forms the basis of stones, that in his turn was converted by man into architecture. The primitive, earthy material sharply contrasts with the often futuristic design, but makes the link with the origin of these closed capsules.

For this series, she entered into extensive discussions with various experts to thoroughly study the link between cosmos, earth and the emergence of capsular architecture. Starting from the exploitation of the earth to an original monolithic architecture, very early SF literature and film and the emergence of current design through the interaction between imagination and reality, about the development of natural asteroids into functional, artificially closed systems ...

The balance between danger and fragility is a very intriguing aspect in her work. This duality can also be translated into the contrast between aesthetics and functionality or even the border between nature and architecture.